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Leaders In Trout Stream Restoration


Annual WFSC Member Meeting
was held on Sat., June 4th, 2016 at 7:00 pm.
Annual elections were held & the following new officers elected:
2016-2017 Officers & Directors
PRESIDENT: Jammie Miller
VICE PREZ: Rodney Stanek
SECRETARY: Bradley Myer
TREASURER: Colleen Kinsey
AT-LARGE: Sid Widner
Westfork Sportsmen’s Club, Inc. Executive Board Meeting February 15th, 2016
   The meeting was called to order by Board President, Jaimme Miller. All members were present except Tina Murray.
   The Minutes of the January 8th, 2016 Executive Board Meeting were read. George Wilbur made a motion and Jaimme Miller seconded a motion to accept the minutes as read. Motion carried unanimously.    The Treasurer’s Report was presented. A motion was made by Bob Blumreich and seconded by George Wilbur to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented. The motion carried unanimously.    Jaimme Miller presented the President’s Report. A discussion was held regarding the re-hiring of Sid Widner for lawn mowing and grounds upkeep, and Julie Greenland for upkeep of the Clubhouse and the Cabins. A motion was made by Colleen Kinsey and seconded by George Wilbur to re-hire Sid Widner for lawn mowing and grounds upkeep, and Julie Greenland for upkeep of the Clubhouse and Cabins. The motion carried unanimously.
   Supporting Hunters Safety in conjunction with the local DNR and hosting the classes was discussed. Jaimme Miller will contact the DNR.
   It was also discussed to host a kids fishing day at the Campground by the Dept of Natural Resources and the DNR. Jaimme Miller and Colleen Kinsey will contact their offices.
   Jaimme Miller was contacted by the LaCrosse Office of the Land and Water Conservation Office. There will be Grant Money to help fund both a Handicapped Fishing Area and possibily Playground Equipment at the Campground. Colleen will consult with the insurance Company regarding liability exposure.
   A new Registration Form and Envelope was discussed. A prototype was presented to the Board. After examination and more discussion, a motion was made by Colleen Kinsey and seconded by Jaimme Miller to approve the presented proto-type and and it will be implemented at the Iron Ranger. Members will still have to fill out Membership Cards and submit with the Registration Envelopes. The motion carried unanimously.
   Cabin Rental for the Small and Large Cabin was discussed. Presently the cost of the Small Cabin is $50.00 per night and the Large Cabin is $65.00 per night. After discussion a motion was made by Colleen Kinsey and seconded by George Wilbur to increase the Small Cabin Rate to $60.00 per night and the Large Cabin Rate to $75.00 per night. The motion carried unanimously.
   A discussion was held regarding the camping fees for both tenting without electric and with electric sites. A motion was made by Jaimme Miller and seconded by Bob Blumreich to leave the rates for a tenting site as $10.00 per night and the rate for an electrical site as $20.00 per night.
   A discussion was made regarding the cost of Membership Fees Per Calendar Year. The Executive Board will make a recommendation at the next Annual Meeting to increase the Yearly Membership Fee to $15.00 or $20.00. There was a consensus for the recommendation.
   Colleen Kinsey read a complimentary letter received by a Member regarding the improvements, cleanliness, volunteers, and workers. They were wrote, “Keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated.”
   A motion was made by George Wilbur and seconded by Bob Blumreich to adjourn the meeting. The motion carried unanimously.
Respectfully submitted by Secretary, Colleen Kinsey.
   The new envelope system should simplify registering to camp, & make the treasurer's job a whole bunch easier.
   The top section shows who you are.
   The second section explains the membership requirement,(One adult family member per family group). Non-related adults sharing a site must ALL be members.    Enter all membership fees in the "MEMBERSHIP $_______ space". If already a member, enter the expiration date, or "life".
   CAMPING RATE/night x _____ nights= $_______
Site #______ from site post
   Cabin RATE/night x _______ nights = $_______
TOTAL ALL FEES: $_________
   Tear off the bottom section, insert card stubs & check/cash, & seal envelope. The bottom section is your receipt, to be attached to the site post or your tent/camper.

Minutes of January Board meeting
   President Jaimme Miller called the meeting to order at 12:10 p,m. All members except Tina Murray present. Also attending was Sid Widner, Chairman of the Building & Grounds Committee.
   Minutes of the August 20, 2015 Board meeting were read. Motion by George Wilbur & second by Jaimme Miller to accept as read was approved unanimously.
   Treasurer's report was presented & read.There was consensus to approve the report.
   The registration system was discussed. A prototype card/envelope was presented to the Board by Jaimme Miller. It was given to Bob Blumreich to customize to the WFSC cklub's needs.
   A discussion was held on increasing the membership fees. It was suggested to bring the topic to the next member meeting,(April 23, 2016). A discussion was also held on increasing the cabin rental fees. The group will be comparing local lodging in order to discuss this topic later.
   A membership meeting was set for April 23, 2016. This will also be a clean-up day. Clean-up will begin at 9:00a.m., with a lunch following at 12:00 Noon, & the membership meeting will begin at 12:30p.m.
   Gates for the campground entry were discussed because when the ground gets soft, damage to the grounds becomes inevitable. Prices for the gates & alternative proposals will be brought to the February meeting.
   Land purchased by Vernon County in the Avalanche area was discussed. A map is being sent to George Wilbur that will distinguish which parcels will be available.
   Twin Springs Trout Farm was discussed. The quarterly bill is expected in February.
   There was consensus to pay the complete tax bill for 2015.
   The next Board meeting was set for Febuary 10, 2016 at Colleen Kinsey's home.
   Motion made by Bob Blumreich & seconded by George Wilbur to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.


   Bringing in wood for campfires is prohibited because of the Emerald Ash Borer. Wood will be available at the campground.
   Reservations & credit card software is in the works for the website & the club's FaceBook page.
This should be in operation before 6/2016.
Meanwhile, use this number for cabin reservations: 608-632-0885
   Camping fees, membership dues, & any other fees should be left in the IRON RANGER, which has been installed next to the clubhouse.
Instructions are posted.

Photo courtesy: Tina Murray
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