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West Fork Sportsmans Club Camping

   We are having a work day & member meting on April 23, 2016 at the Club House . Lunch will be available at 12:30 pm.
   Bringing in wood for campfires is prohibited because of the Ash Borer. Wood will be available at the campground.
WFSC Campground & Cabins:
   The WFSC owns and operates a 19 acre main facility, including a club house with modern bathroom and coin shower facilities, and two cabins which are the center piece of the Club grounds. Campsites are rented on a first come, first served basis, so please do not request reservations for campsites.
Camping fees, membership dues, & any other fees should be left in the IRON RANGER, which has been installed next to the clubhouse.
Instructions are posted.

   Reservations & credit card software is in the works for the website & the club's FaceBook page.
Meanwhile, use this number for cabin reservations: 608-632-0885

   Only members may register to camp.
   Adults,(over 18), must be members.
   At least one adult member per family group.
   $10/night- non-electric
   $20/night- electric hookup.
   Maximum size motorhome/camper= 32' NO DUAL A/C systems.
   CABIN RESERVATIONS: 608-632-0885

Cabin Details- Click thumbnails for enlarged view.
NOTE: Both cabins have kitchens,(stove, frij., running water). Big cabin also has bathroom/shower & bedroom.
Big Cabin- $75/night

Little Cabin- $60/night

The Grounds

Updated 4/26/15