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Westfork Sportsmanís Club Meeting Minutes- May 3, 2014
    The Secretaryís Report was read. A motion was made by Bob Blumreich and seconded by Chuck Valliere to accept the minutes as read. The motion carried unanimously.
   The Treasurerís Report was inconclusive as the Treasurer stated that she had been gone for several days. Tom Luken ask if she knew what the balance was and she gave an approximate balance. She reported that she did not pay the Insurance Invoice because she wanted membership approval. Bill Putze made a motion to pay the Insurance Invoice and Gladys Solakian seconded it. The motion carried unanimously.
   Under Old Business, Kim reported that the Septic Alarm System and the Iron Ranger were going to be installed next week. The road bans were lifted so work could be started.
   There were no new letters(applications) for the scholarships.
   New Business began by a proposal from Tina Murray regarding On Line Options for taking registrations, on line voting, and possibly deposits by credit card. Discussions were held regarding Survey Monkey and Pay Pal. Tina Murray Made a motion and Gladys Solakian seconded the motion to establish a Reservation System Committee. The motion carried unanimously. The Committe will consist of Tina Murray, Jared Parker, and Sharon McDaniel.
   The By-Laws of the club were then discussed. Attorney George Wilbur mentioned the many variations of the spelling of Sportsmenís throughout the contents of the By-Laws. Wording of the Clubs Mission was discussed. A By-Laws Committee was established consisting of George Wilbur, Tina Murray, Ben Cheesman and Colleen Kinsey to bring recommendations to the Membership regarding the By-Laws.
   Kim then ask for help with establishing an Easement Committee. Club member, Duke Welter had approached the Secretary, June Widner and Director, Bob Widner about the Clubs Easements. Bob Widner had inquired at the Vernon County Register of Deeds. He reported that he wasnít sure if there were 4 or 5. Discussion lead to how many, how many years the easements were for and if any were renewed by the club. An Easement Committee was established consisting of Duke Welter, Bob Blumreich, and Bill Putze.
   Streambank restoration was the next discussion. Bob Widner made a recommendation to do work on a project north of the Bridge above the Club property. Discussions lead to concentrating on the newly purchased property of the Club. It was decided by the Members that the first Streambank restoration should be the Club Property.
   Bob Widner stated that he would contact Paul Krohn. There are holes and areas that need attention. A Streambank Committee was established consisting of Bob Widner, Kevin Sorenson, Kim McDaniel, Randy Volden, and Mike Niemynski.
   A Building and Grounds Committee was requested by Kim to assist with maintenance, make recommendations, and help round up volunteers. The Building and Grounds Committee established consists of Sid Widner, Grant Johnson, Randy Volden, Dennis Miller, and Sharon, Herb and Kim McDaniel.
   A discussion began about establishing a Fund Raising Committee. Colleen Kinsey made a motion to postpone this until the Annual Membership and Election Meeting in June. This was seconded by Tina Murray. The motion was approved unanimously. This discussion lead to the establishment of an Events Committee. Those who volunteered for this committee were Lisa Elliott, Shannon Parker, Sharon and Kim McDaniel.
   Because the next meeting is the Annual Membership and Election meeting, Bob Blumreich suggested a Nominating Committee. Bob Blumreich and Kevin Sorenson stated that they would both act as contacts for anyone interested in running for the Officers of the Club.
   This being said, a discussion was then held regarding the date of the Annual Membership and Election meeting. There were many members present that voiced their opinion of a weeknight being difficult to come long distances during a work week night. Many of the memberships are 90 plus miles from the club. It was stated that a precedence had been set in 2007 where an Annual Membership and Election meeting was held on a week-end. Gladys Solakian made a motion to hold the Westfork Sportsmenís Club Annual Membership and Election meeting on June 7th, 2014 at 7:00 pm. Sid Widner seconded the motion. June Widner expressed her opposition to the Saturday proposal. It was discussed and noted by many that the membership attendance is higher when the meeting is on a week-end. The motion passed unanimously.
   Bob Blumreich made a motion and John Gribb seconded to adjourn the meeting. The motion carried unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 8:37 pm.
Westfork Sportsmanís Club Meeting Minutes- April 5, 2014
   The meeting was called to order by President Kim McDaniel. Thirty-two members registered in attendance. There were late comers after the meeting started.
   Kim reported that the Secretary, Mary Widner resigned her position over the phone. Roger Widner, her husband, reported that Mary was currently in the hospital and not doing well. The membership will be sending her a card.
   Kim asked Colleen Kinsey to act as Secretary. The minutes taken by Mary Widner, Secretary for the September 3rd, 2013 Regular Meeting were then read. Ben Cheesman made a motion and Bob Blumreich seconded to accept the minutes as read. The motion carried unanimously.
   The minutes of the Executive Board Meeting following the Regular Board Meeting on September 3rd, 2013, taken by Mary Widner, Secretary, were read. A motion was made by June Widner and seconded by Kevin Sorenson to accept the minutes as read. The motion carried unanimously.
   June Widner, Treasurer, read the Treasurer Report. She gave the beginning balance carried over from 2013. She then listed the two deposits she made since January to the present date. She also listed all of the expenses paid through the present date. June also stated that one-half of the property taxes were paid. She then gave the current total of the Westfork Accounts including the Checking, Streambank, Three CDís, and Petty Cash. A copy of the Financial Report can be obtained from June Widner. A motion was made by Bob Blumreich and seconded by Chuck Valliere to accept the Treasurerís Report as read. The motion carried unanimously.
   Under Old Business, Kim reported that there were only three applicants for the $500.00 Scholarship for a student from Westby, Viroqua, LaFarge, or Kickapoo that would be going into an Environmental or Ecology field. Since there were only three applicant letters, a reminder was again sent to the four schools about the Scholarship. Kim asked the membership who they wanted to pick the winner of the Scholarship. A motion was made by Gladys Solakian and seconded by Colleen Kinsey to have the Executive Board select the winner. The motion carried unanimously. The scholarship will be awarded by Mid-May.
   Kim reported that the Iron Ranger, which was voted for at a previous meeting, was finished. Bill Putze made a motion and Tina Murray seconded to have the Iron Ranger installed as soon as the frost was out of the ground. The motion carried unanimously.
   Kim reported that the Emergency Alarm for the Sewer System had not yet been installed. The membership had previously carried a unanimous vote to have it installed. Kim was going to talk to the plumber to get it installed.
   Under New Business, Kim introduced and explained why Michelle Engh, a Representative and spokesperson of the Vernon County FEMA Buy Out program was attending the meeting. Kim reported that an informational card regarding voluntary participation in the FEMA proposed Buy Out program was signed and returned to Vernon County by Bob Widner, a Director of the Westfork Sportsmenís Club. Bob Widner explained the reason that he extended the Clubís participation in the Buy Out program was to leave the Clubís options open and possibly be eligible for money to help update the cabins or build new. Michelle then explained that Vernon County applied for a 1.5 Million Grant to help support the Buy Out of Properties in Stark and Webster Townships. Properties were selected in the Flood Plain of both Townships to help minimize and offset FEMAís expense for maintenance after a flood. Properties would be purchased and all the buildings would be torn down. Michelle explained that currently, the Westfork Sportsmenís Club, is Grandfathered from current regulations and laws made by the Department of Natural Resources for new campgrounds. She reported that Vernon County cannot purchase the Westfork Sportsmenís Club, as a commercial property and run it as a campground. If Vernon County would purchase the campground, all the buildings would be destroyed and it would remain only as a site with access for fishermen and the public to enjoy the river. A consideration had been proposed by Vernon County to have a Conservancy Group take care of the land for public use, should the property be purchased.
   Tom Mulford asked if there would be any repercussions from FEMA, should the Club decide not to participate in the Buy Out; meaning, would the Club be exempt from funds for incurred maintenance should there be a flood. Michelle answered no. The Club would still be eligible for FEMA funds if they were available.
   Ben Cheesman asked, ďHow would you or could you put a value on the Club?Ē He expressed his distress and full objection to the sale of the Club.
   George Wilbur stated that the Club was and has been a wonderful resource for the area, and it would be a shame to let it go. There is an intangible value that would never be recovered. He urged the membership to consider the loss it would be to the community.
   Michelle explained that the Club was still actively being considered in the Buy Out program because she could not repeal the card that was sent in by Bob Widner. The card had the Property Tax ID# on it and that is how the appraisalís for the FEMA Grant was written.
   A motion was made by Bill Putze to refrain from any consideration for selling the Club or any other participation in the FEMA Buy Out program. Tina Murray seconded the motion. A discussion was held. After the discussion and a vote of the membership, the motion carried unanimously.
   After the vote was taken, Michelle Engh then addressed the membership. She stated since the membership voted not to participate in the FEMA Buy Out program and if the funds were awarded to Vernon County, she would send the money back.
   A discussion was introduced by Tina Murray regarding online voting for the membership. She explained her concerns about the membership attendance since a majority of the membership lives to far away for a week-night meeting. This extended into a discussion introduced by Ben Cheesman regarding his proposal at a previous meeting in updating the current By-Laws. Kim responded that these items could be put on the Agenda and discussed at the next meeting.
   A motion was made by George Wilbur and seconded by Bill Putze to adjourn the meeting. The motion carried unanimously. The Meeting adjourned at 8:02 pm.
Acting Secretary, Colleen Kinsey

Westfork Sportsmanís Club Meeting Minutes for September 3, 2013
Will be posted as soon as available.

Westfork Sportsmanís Club Meeting Minutes for August 6th, 2013
   President, Kim McDaniel called the meeting to order. Minutes for the July 2nd, 2013 meeting were read and approved on a motion from June Widner and seconded by Mark Lindvig.
   Treasurerís report was given. We have new membership cards. A number of people have gotten 3 year memberships.
Sid Widner donated $10.00.. Joe Suss donated $5.00.. New campers continue to comment on how much they enjoy the park.
   Treasurerís report was approved on a motion from Dianne Anderson and seconded by Iris Hanson.
Tina Murray reported that the Shabazz group worked a total of 480 hours at the 2012 rate of $19.10 per hour for a total of $9,168.00.
   Scholarships were discussed. Colleen Kinsey suggested helping local schools that come down to test water. Bill Putze made a motion to offer a $500.00 scholarship to a student going into an environmental career. Dale Widner seconded.
   The scholarship (one) will be offered to Viroqua, Westby, LaFarge, and Kickapoo High Schools.
   Tina Murray wanted to clear a point. She did not make a motion to raise the rent on the building and would like to lower it again. There was discussion about building capacity, septic pumping and price for different size gatherings in the Club House. Tabled until the next months meeting.
  • There was a heated discussion about the Shabazz group using the building.
  • Our power line is in.
  • Bob Widner has the permits for rip-rap work and will be checking with the D.N.R.
  • A new fiber optic line will be going up by the road.
  • Vesback Oil needs $1,000.00 for L.P. Pre-pay.

Meeting closed on a motion from Mary Widner and seconded by Kim McDaniel.

West Fork Sportman's Club Minutes for July,2013 meeting.
July 2, 2013
   President Kim McDaniel called the meeting to order. The secretaries minutes were read and approved by a motion from Colleen Kinsey and seconded by Brad Meyer.
   The minutes from the board meeting held on June 24, 2013 were read. Before they were approved, Tina Murray explained that the Shabazz group does not rent the building, what they give is a cash donation and the work of the young people is payment in kind to comply with our 501 status. Tina said she would provide a statment showing the hours worked.
   Charlotte Buros moved and Kim McDaniel seconded to approve the minutes of the board meeting, motion was approved.
   The treasurers report was given and approved by a motion from Colleen Kinsey, seconded by Diane Anderson. Charlotte Buros also read a letter from Bob Mitzner from Chicago, who had camped at the park for a week and was so impressed with our park that he sent a check for a lifetime membership even though he was moving to Montana.
   Mary Widner brought up the subject of scholarships for environmental studies. The subject was tabled for later discussion.
   The subject of installation of an Iron Ranger was talked over and a motion was made by Bill Putze and seconded by Brad Meyer. Darrel Vogel will see about making one.
   Mike Miller voluntered to hold seminars on fishing with school children if it can be set up. Kevin Sorenson suggested having a kids day with fishing lessons for them.    Kim McDaniel brought up the subject of a shed at the park to keep the mowers in. Bill Putze moved and Kathy O`Connor seconded to authorize the club to pay up to $3,500.00 for a shed. The motion was carried.
   Kim mentioned that the fire inspector had been down and we had passed with flying colors. Bill Putz moved and Jake Bribb seconded to close the meeting. Motion Carried.

West Fork Sportman's Club Minutes for June,2013 meeting.
Annual meeting & election of officers was held at 7:00pm, Tuesday, June4,2013 in the clubhouse in Avalanche.
  • PREZ: Kim McDaniel
  • VICE PREZ: Kevin Sorenson
  • SECRETARY: Mary Widner
  • TREASURER: Charlotte Buros
  • AT LARGE: Gary Buros
  • AT LARGE: Mark lindvig
  • AT LARGE: Jerrod Parker

Charlotte & Gary resigned effective 9/2, & June & Bob Widner took over their respective positions.

West Fork Sportsman Club Draft minutes for May 7, 2013 meeting.
Attendees: K. McDaniel, T. Murray, Roger Widner, D. Aulik, B. Putze, Randy Widner, M. Widner, A. Priester, June Widner, J. Parker, J. Siverhus, C. Kinsey, M. Miller, P. Krahn
Meeting called to order by President Bob Widner
Motion to approve of April 2nd 2013 meeting minutes by B. Putze with the addition of discussion from the April 2013 meeting of the need to have a circuit breaker and an alarm installed on the septic holding tanks and correction to Treasurerís April 2013 balance, seconded by D. Aulik, motioned carried.
Treasurerís report: approved
New Business:
    Club grounds improvements:
  • New sink in Womenís restroom
  • Stove cleaned
  • New picnic tables purchased ($60 ea.).

T. Murray, kitchen sinks are leaking.
    Discussion of club grounds electrical system
  • Desire to rewire club grounds ($6,000) B. Widner to consult Vernon Co. Power Co. and an electrician.
  • Need for new electrical outlets (around 5)
  • Shelter/Canopy outlets undersized for RV/Camper hook-up
  • Campers using long / undersized (small gauge) extension cords are tripping circuit breakers.
  • Campers are unaware of breaker reset buttons on electrical outlets and outlet should have signage regarding proper extension cords and breaker reset instructions.
  • Add information on WFSC website informing campers on how to use power hook-ups.
  • Motion by Roger Widner to consult with an electrician on club grounds rewiring needs and cost estimate and report back at June meeting.

* Further discussion on whether to have additional portable bathrooms on the club grounds. Bob Widner to decide if needed or not.
* Discussion of whether to rip-rap the stream banks along property purchased from Randy Widner, Paul Krahn to evaluate the need.
* Paul Krahn posed question of whether LUNKER structures should be added to the stream reaches that may be rip-rapped.
* Continued discussion of using Telephone Co. funds to do stream habitat work on Roger Widnerís property.
* Paul Krahn to apply for DNR funds (25% match needed) for a 3-4 yr. project to locate and eradicate patches of Japanese Hops that have become established in the West Fork of Kickapoo Watershed. JH can be controlled by multiple years or Round-Up application (by someone with Applicators Certification).
* Motion by T. Murray and seconded by B. Putze to change monthly meeting day and time to allow participation by more club members. To be discussed at June meeting.
* It takes two full days to mow the club grounds and Randy Widner needs help with this.
* Kubota tractor is 15 years old and has oil leak. New John Deere tractor of similar size would cost $10,000 Ė 20,000. Issue tabled for June Meeting.
* Bob Widner proposed that a fuel tank be installed on the club grounds.
* T. Murray motion to adjourn meeting, seconded by M. Widner, motion carried.

West Fork Sportman's Club Minutes for April,2013 meeting.
West Fork Sportsman Club Draft minutes of April 2nd 2013 meeting.
Attendees: K, McDaniel, T. Murray, R. Widner, D. Aulik, B. Blumreich, B. Putze, R. Widner, M. Lindurg, R. Widner, K Sorenson, D. Newton-Zimmerman, C. Kinsey, M. Miller, P. Krahn
Meeting called to order by President Bob Widner
Approval of October 2nd 2012 meeting minutes, moved to approve by B. Blumreich, seconded by K. McDaniel, motion carried.
Treasurerís Report approved as read.
New Business:
Discussion of doing stream habitat work on brook trout area on R. Widner property and whether club funds should be spent on stream reaches without public access, issue dropped.
Bob Widner made request for help with April 16 trout stocking.
T. Murray mentioned the Trout Unlimited National meetings being held in Madison last week of September 2013 and that a number of attendees will be visiting the Viroqua area to fish. Jordan Kosinski is the WI Trout Unlimited contact person.
Group discussion on whether WFSC septic system has sufficient capacity for large gatherings and whether it is meeting state code. It was mentioned that ďStateĒ will contact WFSC on this issue. (Secretaryís note: my 5 minute web search indicates the WI Dept. of Commerce regulates septic systems and the regulations are administered at the county level by the Vernon County Sanitarian Ė and Zoning Office, Susan A. Burkhamer, 608/637-5270).
The WFSC has a 2,000 gal., two chamber holding tank that is serviced by Burger Pumping. B. Widner monitors the waste volume and contacts Burger Pumping when the tank needs to emptied.
It was suggested that WFSC explore the option of renting or purchasing several portable toilets to be placed permanently or during peak park usage some distance from the clubhouse. Paul Krahn checked on the cost of high quality units (vault toilets) which cost upwards of $16,000 ea.
Colleen Kinsey brought to the attention of the Board that WFSC and its Directors can be sued for mishaps that can occur on the WFSC property. T. Murray made a motion that the club buys Directors and Officers insurance to protect the board from such actions, the motion was seconded by B. Putze, motion carried.
T. Murray indicated the May meeting will be held outside since the clubhouse is being rented by Shabazz High School.
P. Krahn indicated he will be working with the Shabazz High School students to build LUNKER structures and placing signs for Japanese Hops which is an aggressive invasive plant that is expanding its range in the Kickapoo valley.
B. Blumreich moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by B. Putze, motion carried.